Le Bonheur_1

Every corner of ‘Le Bonheur- Car village’ is designed based on a familiar neighbourhood creative director David’s son and he love. But he also made sure that there are various aspects of fun and excitement for parents and their kids in his son’s age to play and interact with.

Playmat 1

David also focused on creating three-dimensional graphics, which in overall make this playmat the ‘bird’s eye view’. From 3 years old, children begin to develop greater spatial awareness and he wanted each element of ‘Le Bonheur’ to tell a story and stimulate the imagination.

Lepapa LeBonheur_3

The details in each building and surrounding will be recognized more as kids get older. This will help parents and kids to communicate and play in more complex situations.

Lepapa playmat Premium dimension

Playmat 3

Playmat 4

Lepapa playmat pacakage

Le Bonheur_8

All Le Papa’s playmats are made in Korea and KC (Korean Certification) approved. For enquiry, please contact us here.